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2013 China Textile Industry Innovator of the Year

Author : David Date : 4/15/2014 10:33:01 PM
2013 China Textile Industry Innovator of the Year
    March 24 , sponsored by the China Textile Industry Association , " China Textile " magazine contractors , Jeanswest International (HK ) Co., Ltd. the exclusive sponsor of the " 2013 China Textile Industry Innovator of the Year " in recognition of activities and forums held in Beijing , Yu Jianyong , etc. 20 people won the " 2013 China textile Industry Innovator of the Year " honor (attached list ) . Wang Tiankai , president of China Textile Industry Association , honorary president of Du Yuzhou , Xu Kun Yuan , Vice President and Secretary General Gao Yong , vice president of Sun Rui Zhe , Shu-chun , Zhang Kai , Xu Ying , Zhang Li , Yang Ji-Chao , Summer Min , deputy party secretary Alex Chan , Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Jiu Xin , Jeanswest International (HK ) Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Xun , CCTV Financial Channel Assistant Director Chen Hongbing and professional associations , directors , business representatives , media , nearly three hundred people attended the meeting.


Conference Awards site

Since 2005 China Textile Industry Association carried out in the entire industry Innovator of the Year contest , it has already commended the innovative 160 characters, these characters in advancing innovation and technological progress in the industry , technological innovation, brand building , public services, industrial transfer etc. always maintained the vitality of innovation , leading the industry by leaps and bounds at the same time , played an important role model role model, received wide attention and acclaim in the industry and the community .

The 2013 Innovator of the Year in both the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yu Jianyong this research leader, but also build its own brand of pleasure textile outstanding achievements chairman Liu Yue Hing , chairman Zhang Jiangping Pacific bird group , as well as in energy conservation, low-carbon environment outstanding contributions in the name of respect Dyeing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jia , chairman of Mobing Rong , Jiang Su Jujie Microfiber textile Technology Group Chairman Zhong Baijian so on.

China 's textile industry from the " traditional sales " to change "channel operators " Innovator of the Year 2013 is also reflected in their space to expand profitability through innovative channels , such as "go" model enterprise cloud bat costumes typical chairman Guo , and the use of new media marketing to promote brand building Daly silk Lin, chairman of equality.

Comprehensively improve the capability of independent innovation , promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure , and actively promote the reform and opening up and independent innovation, has become an important task of economic work . The innovative character of these efforts has far-reaching significance for China 's textile industry by the bigger and stronger , to achieve the development of technology , brand , sustainability and talent strategy .

With the " Innovation and wisdom made " as the theme of " 2013 China Textile Industry Innovator of the Year " forum , the award-winning innovative character of innovation awareness and how companies leveraging innovation in a fierce discussion , they believe that the main theme of innovation as age, the textile industry successfully deal with various crises and challenges , to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading of the only shortcut innovations must be implemented in the production, management, marketing, and service in every aspect . Endogenous innovation as the driving force, not only inevitable choice for enterprises , it is an inherent requirement of the industry.


Forum site


Sun Rui Zhe, vice president presided over the forum

For 2008 and 2012, China's textile industry to get twice the annual Innovator of the Year Jeanswest chairman Yang Xun , the benefits and changes to bring the most innovative empathy . As a traditional strong brand, the general downturn in the industry 's status quo , Jeanswest whether to take meticulous management or entertainment marketing campaign , whether it is open around the clock sales model is to build great period features and qualities of caring corporate footprint , every step of the innovation, let Jeanswest realized step by step to win . Especially in the breakthrough and innovative sales model , the effort to build Jeanswest O2O system is the most admirable . 2013 "double- eleven" Shopping Day, raising the cost of the universal flow in the network marketing brand contusion heat situations , single-day sales of more than 5000 million Jeanswest is still among the highest in casual wear , annual sales rose Network an increase of 40 %. Currently, Jeanswest has decided to take shape in the channel O2O model for future competitive landscape , 15% of the country 's physical stores have opened shop in front of online shopping, make up more than 2400 Jeanswest goods store style , color, code number in can not be done on a full range of short board , innovation-driven , Jeanswest brand strategy at the same time optimizing not only the formation of the "Marketing is king " pattern , but to achieve the brand's stylish, efficient development , textile and garment enterprises to become business model innovation model.


Jeanswest Chairman Yang Xun Speech

The textile industry in China Jeanswest teamed Innovator of the Year contest, just wanted to share innovative experiences at the same time , the industry together to find innovative model for the realization of its due contribution to the textile powerhouse force . As Young Hoon said : " Innovation is the bounden duty and responsibility , only innovation, continuous innovation , will achieve our dream , to achieve textile powerhouse ' Chinese Dream' ."


Tiankai president speech

China Textile Industry Association president Tiankai highly appreciated at the awards ceremony in recognition of the 20 to get innovative character , he said, the raw power of the textile industry lies in innovation, the main innovation is the enterprise , and the development needs of enterprises with innovative spirit and innovative thinking person. Tiankai stressed that the intention is not to review the recognition of characters, but through innovative character selection , reflects the spirit of innovation , pioneering and innovative ideas , share experiences and innovative , as well as the entire industry to promote and expand the outstanding entrepreneurs and outstanding figures for the textile industry transformation and upgrading of the exemplary role .

Today, the " China Textile Industry Innovator of the Year " award, the textile industry has become the brand of innovation activities , with this platform, I believe we will emerge a more innovative model for the realization of textile power and with a good head , good roads lead .